Increase Your Restaurant Profitablity with Banyan Product Suite

Take control of restraunt operations, increase revenue and delight your guests in new ways with single, easy-to-use platform.

Waiter ordering app

Banyan waiter app is connected to the PoS and the Kitchen (KOT) system which helps in taking in orders more easily and reducing the time spent on each order. Since the order automatically goes into the system, it registers no error and can be sent to the kitchen directly. This efficiency means lesser time spent on each table, making sure that there are more customers that can be served for the same number of table.

Smiley faceWaiter performance

Smiley faceLive order status

Smiley faceUpselling

Smiley faceBill display

Smiley facePaperless order taking

Smiley faceOrder processing efficiency

Online Ordering

Banyan lets you to have your own online ordering system where customers can order their favourite food directly from your own website. We however, also integrate our system with other online ordering apps such as Swiggy, Zomato and Foodpanda where the process of billing becomes much easier with each order directly coming to the PoS booth.

Smiley face Own payment gateway

Smiley faceLive order tracking

Smiley faceRun promotions, offers, ads

Smiley faceSelect your delivery radius, GPS integrated

Smiley faceNo third party commissions

Smiley faceIntegrated with PoS, kitchen and Live dashboard

Smiley faceMultiple outlets on a single website

Smiley faceReal time menu customization

Inventory Management

Banyan lets you take stock of your inventory and minimize any waste. Inventory being the one place that needs to be kept a check on for it can cause high wastage of profits. With this management system, you will know exactly how much of which product you need to have and where to get it the cheapest.

Smiley facePurchase order & settlement

Smiley faceKitchen Issues

Smiley faceRecipe management

Smiley faceKitchen Costing

Smiley faceVariance analysis

Kitchen Display System

With this product of Banyan, the entire functioning of the restaurant comes in a full circle. The PoS and the waiter ordering app is connected with this kitchen display system that runs with one tab in the kitchen. This tells the chef without any hassle what to prepare and makes it an efficient communication system.

Smiley faceColor coded KOT display

Smiley faceHassle free, Paperless and wireless

Smiley faceAverage ticket time & Cooking time analysis

Smiley faceOrder delay reminders

Smiley faceSend and receive instant updates to waiters, captains

Smiley faceKOT summary and sorting

Self Ordering Kiosk

Make dining a fun experience with Banyan’s self-ordering kiosk. Let customers themselves look through the menu and enter into the kiosk what they wish to have. This helps even as a customer engagement activity.

Smiley faceDigital Menu

Smiley faceRun Ads – Upsell items, promote brand

Smiley facePoS and KDS integrated

Smiley faceRun multiple terminals simultaneously

Smiley faceOwn payment gateway

Smiley faceOrder updates on SMS

Customer Engagement

Banyan helps you directly connect to the customer or reach out to them for any activity. They can put in their feedback or they can be told about events happening through some social media engagement.

Smiley faceOffers on providing feedback

Smiley faceCustomize your feedback form

Smiley faceLive notification to management

Smiley faceSocial Media sharing

Smiley faceDisplay ads and promotions

Smiley faceMake payments through Wallets, Cards, etc