Run your restaurant on your terms

Banyan comes to you with solutions that increase profitability and efficiency for you to engage with your business better.

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Customize the PoS as you need

Banyan allows you to run the Point of Sale transactions the way you want it. You can place it at multiple terminals from where each designated person can bill from along with integrating it with the menu ordering app. You can also put in the menu and prices for each item, enter the tax amounts and setup a KoT printing process as well.

Web Platform

Real-time reporting

Keep tabs on everything that is happening at the restaurant even if you are not present there. Banyan lets you keep a check on everything from checking which food item is selling hot cakes and who is the best performing staff.

Web Platform

Organize Orders

Banyan lets you assign orders immediately by recognizing dine in or take away orders and prints receipts of it in the kitchen or the bar. This cuts out any manual error of transferring the orders.

Web Platform

Faster online orders

Online orders directly can come into the Banyan system with no hassle of entering each order separately into the PoS system. It automatically bills and makes sure no customer gets a wrong order.

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Highly reliable

Banyan has a record of 99.7% uptime making it a reliable solution that is built with utmost dedication and quality. Experienced engineers and world class technologies have gone into making this product.

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24 X 7 support

We never leave our customer’s hanging and can be reached at any point through email or phone. Your hassle free business becomes our priority.