Fine Dine Restaurant

A superior customer experience is guaranteed with the Banyan suite for every customer can be taken care of with utmost ease and efficiency.

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Efficient customer experience

Banyan provides your staff with every necessary tool for building a customer experience that is to the point. There’s far less time taken in walking between the tables. The experience can be personalized and reduced to no error.

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Make your profit go to your pocket

Eliminate any kind of fraudulent practice with billing through Banyan’s fraud detection feature. Right from if any special discount has been provided, edits to the bill or multiple printouts of the bill has been taken, all of it is flagged for further verification.

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Control inventory prices

Banyan lets you take stock of your inventory and minimize any waste. With this management system, you will know exactly how much of which product you need to have and where to get it the cheapest. An inventory variance report lets you compare your actual inventory to a theoretical one and pinpoint the cause of difference.

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In-depth data reports

Track anything that is important to your business and ensure you have data that makes your decisions one based on solid facts. Run your business with thoroughly investigated reports.

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Highly secure and reliable

Banyan has a record of 99.7% uptime making it a reliable solution that is built with utmost dedication and quality. Experienced engineers and world class technologies have gone into making this product.

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24 X 7 support

We never leave our customer’s hanging and can be reached at any point through email or phone. Your hassle free business becomes our priority.