Banyan offers an exclusive cloud platform that will let every aspect of your business to be controlled from one desk.

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The benefit of the cloud

Banyan works on a cloud service basis that lets you have one single server for all of your locations. This only means that you can perform every activity of restaurant management from one place. This lets you cut cost of having softwares installed at every location.

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Centralized business

You will be able to give to the customers a brand experience with consistency in every location can tends to build the identity of a restaurant chain. The menu, pricing, promotions can all be controlled centrally from one place. You could customize some options particular to a location or have the same one throughout the enterprise. Banyan’s cloud service will let you organize all of this at one place.

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In-depth enterprise reports

From your desk, you can get updates of every single bill, every single order being taken on the Banyan platforms. It can be analysed from throughout the enterprise and have a crude analysis of everything that is working and everything that is not. This helps in having a hold on the business with the data we provide.

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Integrations for the better

Integrations with other accounting software, payment terminals and loyalty programs to the Banyan services only help in increasing efficiency as all of this system can be controlled from one desk.

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Highly secure and reliable

Banyan has a record of 99.7% uptime making it a reliable solution that is built with utmost dedication and quality. Experienced engineers and world class technologies have gone into making this product.

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24 X 7 support

We never leave our customer’s hanging and can be reached at any point through email or phone. Your hassle free business becomes our priority.