Bars, Pubs & Lounges

Banyan ensures that you miss no drink to bill with the high footfalls and moving crowds at a bar. The system is designed specifically around the idea of the functioning of a bar.

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Handle high footfalls with ease

Banyan lets you have the easiest of the way to cater to a high number of customers. You can always keep track of every single order to ensure maximum productivity efficiently. This helps to cater more people and manage space in the bar as well.

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Keep tabs on the staff

Crowded bars can be a haven for fraudulent activities but with the Banyan fraud detection system, you can check and ensure for each and every item to be accounted for and billed. This also lets you check your staff performances to have a good working ecosystem within.

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Track liquor and food cost percentages

The Banyan inventory reports also read into the menu reports to find out the maximum selling combinations of liquor and food for you to organize the inventory better. You can decrease the purchase of unnecessary products and can increase those that sell.

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Increase Your Integrations for the better

Integrations with other accounting software, payment terminals and loyalty programs to the Banyan services only help in increasing efficiency as all of this system can be controlled from one desk.

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Highly secure and reliable

Banyan has a record of 99.7% uptime making it a reliable solution that is built with utmost dedication and quality. Experienced engineers and world class technologies have gone into making this product.

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24 X 7 support

We never leave our customer’s hanging and can be reached at any point through email or phone. Your hassle free business becomes our priority.